Care guide for rental items

Our rental items are NOT to be washed or ironed under any circumstances. The rental items should arrive in the condition it needs to be worn.

If you wash or iron the rental items and the item is as a result damaged you will be liable for the costs for the repair of the item/s. If the item/s are damaged beyond repair you will be liable for replacement fees in order for us to replace the item/s. The replacement fee is usually the recommended retail price (RRP) of the item/s.

We wash our rental item/s with non toxic detergent and steam all our rental items in order to remove odours, stains and to ensure the highest hygiene standards as possible.

We require that our rental item/s be treated with the out most respect. Our rental item/s remain the property of Mother Nurture Clothing and Apparel at all times and we reserve the right to retrieve our item/s at any time should we suspect our item/s are not being treated with the respect we expect.