FAQ’s about our Rental items

  1. Do you have a rental deposit and how do I get my rental deposit back?
    Yes, we do have a rental deposit. The rental deposit is a REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of R250. Breakdown of the rental booking fee: on the online store you will see a booking fee of R499 for example, R249 of that fee is the dress hire fee which factors in our costs for cleaning and repairs of the dress and the remaining R250 of the booking fee is a REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT which you will get back once your dress is returned and has gone through our inspection process. Please see our terms and conditions around the return of your deposit. Breakdown of booking fee cost= Dress hire fee + Refundable deposit i.e. R499= R249+R250.
  2. How does the booking work?
    Our booking system will allow you to book a dress for 4 days on our calendar this means that you will receive your dress 2 days before your event (which allows you time to receive your package if there is issues due to courier logistics etc.). This also means you are required to return the dress the next day after your event. NB: It is very important to select the booking period start date as 2 days before your event and not on the actual day of your event this is why the booking period is 4 days for a 1 day event rental dress.
  3. When am I required to return the dress?
    You are required to return the dress the day after your event. If your return date falls on a Saturday or Sunday it will automatically be agreed that you can return it on the Monday. This is because there are no deliveries or collections over the weekend.
  4. What happens if I love the dress so much that I want to purchase the dress after renting it?
    Head on over to our formal dress collections under our shop tab in our online store. Find the dress and purchase it. You will be required to send back the rental dress the day after your event as per usual as other customers may have booked this rental dress for their events which may be near your return date. We will send you a brand new dress.
  5. What is your exchange policy on your rental dresses?
    Exchanges may be possible. Please send us an email as soon as you receive the rental dress and you see that it does not fit. We do recommend that you visit our sizing guide and choose your dress size based off of the sizing guide which should prevent any dresses from not being the correct fit.If there is an issue with the fit we will try to send you the rental dress in a different size provided there is sufficient time to send it to you. We will try our best to assist you so you have the dress for your event but this is dependent on where you are located as areas outside of main centres may have longer delivery times and may not reach you in time. It is vitally important if you are outside of a main centre and delivery times are longer that you CHECK our SIZING GUIDE and if you are uncertain to get in contact with us so we can best advise you on the size selection so we do not have an issue with fit. If it is within your budget it might be wise if you are outside of a main centre and haven’t been able to check your measurements to book two dresses in the same style in two different sizes. When the dresses arrive try them on. Wear the dress that fits and we can give you a gift voucher to the value of the booking fee to use for the dress that didn’t fit. You then return the two dresses at the end of the booking period together. We will inspect both dresses and send you the gift voucher to the value of the booking fee for the dress you didn’t wear and we will return your refundable deposit on the dress you did wear.