Our Mission

We have a mission to offer breastfeeding and pumping  moms options in sustainable ways. We started this clothing brand to give moms multiple clothing options for different occasions but the fashion industry can be very wasteful so we plan to tackle the problem of giving moms choices in a sustainable way.

How we plan to do this is by launching:

  1.  A rental dress collection of formal dresses. This option gives moms flexibility where they can find clothing for their current postpartum size without the commitment of buying a dress, they can be more adventurous and try styles of dresses they wouldn’t normally try because renting a dress is not a permanent commitment, plus one dress can be used by many different ladies helping with the problem of wasteful production of clothing.
  2. An online store where items can be purchased as well but everything is on a pre-order basis so that there is no unnecessary products manufactured.

We hope our mission to provide breastfeeding and pumping moms with variety and choices in a sustainable way resonates with our customers.