Our Story

Mother Nurture Clothing and Apparel was founded by our founder Bianca. She is a breastfeeding mom and had this to say about the start of the clothing brand and the journey to launching her dream

The idea to start a breastfeeding and pumping friendly clothing brand came to me at 5 months postpartum. I had been breastfeeding my son exclusively for 5 months.I had at this stage nursed my baby in various situations and I’d realised how clothing was an integral part to the success of breastfeeding in various situations.

With breastfeeding exclusively I came to realise that as I was out and about with my son I would need to breastfeed in public in various situations. He didn’t take to a bottle so I breastfed directly and on demand. But if I needed to express milk I would still need to do it while out and about. It’s not something you really think about in pregnancy when preparing. I must admit I added a breastfeeding cover or two to my baby gift registry but I thought I’d cross that bridge when I came to that. I knew about breastfeeding friendly clothing but hadn’t really thought or delved into the subject too much. Until there were times that it was harder to breastfeed in public and at home during my breastfeeding journey. My baby didn’t want to be covered with a cover so the covers that I mentioned adding to my registry were of no use, neither was covering my baby with a blanket. Did that mean I had to feed my baby in a hot car or in the toilet to be discreet? Did I let my baby cry before feeding him because I may be in an inappropriate place to feed him? Did I have to leave the room at home to go breastfeed because there were visitors? It felt like you either have to be a really confident breastfeeding mom in public or you need to be really smart with the clothing you have to wear.

I spoke to countless moms that said they weren’t breastfeeding while out because they wanted to wear a dress they loved but then the thought crossed my mind of how those mothers were expressing breastmilk in that same dress. As a breastfeeding mom you can’t miss a feed even when baby is fed expressed breastmilk while you are out. That breastfeeding mom would need to keep up her milk supply and to express milk to prevent her breasts from being engorged during that time. So yes, these ladies got to wear beautiful dresses that they had previously worn pre pregnancy but how were they getting access to their breasts to express milk. If it wasn’t that easy to directly breastfeed in the dress then surely it was just as hard to express breastmilk in that same dress.

I noticed that there seriously was a gap here that needed to be filled to help moms breastfeed for longer or as long as they wanted to breastfeed. Many moms were ending their breastfeeding journeys way earlier than they intended to because of issues like this. There definitely needed to be solutions to this problem and I wanted to provide breastfeeding moms with many different options of clothing for breastfeeding. I wanted to bring variety and choice just like the rest of the population has numerous choices when it comes to clothing. Breastfeeding moms deserve to have more options. They can’t only be left with wearing button down dresses or tops, or wrap dresses. What if they had a beautiful dress they wanted to wear like the ladies I had spoken to? That is how the idea for formal breastfeeding and pumping dresses was born. And the catalyst for many of the other ideas for this clothing brand.

Once, I researched the concept of formal dresses for breastfeeding it became obvious that moms also needed a solution to finding the right fit postpartum, wearing cost effective dresses once off for special events and having many options not just loose fitting dresses in one colour or style and that is how the rental dress collection idea was born.

The idea further evolved to thinking about mothers in the workforce and easily being able to express breastmilk. Work appropriate dresses that are professional and pulled together that allow easy access to the breasts in order to express breastmilk was something I looked into. The options currently available are very limited. Does every working breastfeeding mom need to wear only button down dresses or tops, wrap dresses or a layered system of clothing?I definitely wanted to provide a better solution. I wanted to provide a varied range of work wear appropriate dresses and tops that would work easily for expressing breastmilk at work. Items that would allow a mother to look professional and be able to express breastmilk without all the hassle of either wearing limited choices or wearing normal clothing but then having to disrobe at work in order to express milk.

I mentioned that at home I found that it was easier to breastfeed but there was still times I felt there could be clothing options that made life a little easier even at home. So I decided that I would include all sorts of items in this clothing brand. It needed to also include some comfort items to use at home. Essentially the idea is to provide a variety of choices for breastfeeding moms to choose from whether it be a special event or spending time on your couch. We plan to do this in a sustainable way and you can read about how we plan to start this and scale this as a small business on our website under the About section in Our Mission statement.

I really hope what we create with this clothing brand supports breastfeeding mothers which is our ultimate goal in this whole process. Moms deserve to be nurtured as they nurture their babies. They deserve to feel beautiful in this stage. They deserve to wear clothing that makes them feel a certain way. They definitely don’t need to feel like there aren’t options or choices”