Rental Process: How it works

A rental process that is super easy:

  1. Browse our rental dress collection 
    Rental collection page
  2. Tap or click on the dress that speaks to you
  3. Check for availability of the dress on the day of your event. For example, if your event is on the 10th of June 2023 go to the 10th of June on the calendar. If the dress is available the date will be in black font and you will be able to click on this date. If this date is not available the date will appear to be faded and you will not be able to click on this date. Below we have clicked on the date and little grey blocks appear over the booking period so we can book the dress
  4. Book the dress. Once you have selected your booking period according to your event date then scroll down and click or tap the button that says book now
  5. Our standard rental period for one day special events is for 4 days. It is suggested that you book the dress to be delivered 2 days before your event. So your event would then be the 3rd day of the booking period in terms of our calendar booking. The dress is then returned the day after your event (which in terms of our calendar booking is the 4th day of the booking period). So to explain this a bit better we’ll use the example of the 10th of June. The 10th of June is a Saturday. We suggest that you book the dress to arrive 2 days before the 10th so you would need to select the start of the booking period as Thursday the 8th of June. This is to ensure that the dress gets to you on time in the event of courier issues. The 10th of June (event date) then is the 3rd day of the booking period. And the Sunday the 11th is the return date but no collections happen on the weekend so it is automatically agreed that you may return the dress on Monday the 12th. This means that events happening on a Friday or Saturday your return dates fall over the weekend and the dress then will be automatically agreed to be picked up on Monday.                                                      
  6. If there are specific circumstances and you will need a longer rental period please either speak to our chat support online or send us an email.
  7. Go through checkout and follow the checkout process once you have booked the dress
  8. Either collect the dress at our local pick up point or have it delivered straight to your door
  9. If you are in Gauteng and wanting to try on the dress before hand. You are more than welcome to speak to us on chat support to set up an appointment to have a try on session and any style recommendations. If you aren’t ready to book the dress and would prefer this we may be able to assist if this rental dress is available in your size. As we are building our rental collection in a sustainable way your rental dress size in this particular style may not be available as yet. We would make this dress if you are the first one to request this size. It will take 2 to 3 days to make. Once it has been made it will form part of the rental collection and then be available to rent without pre-order after you return it. But if this dress is not available in your size we can still book an appointment and you can come through and see the dress in a different size so you can feel and see what it looks like in person. If this dress needs to be pre-ordered we suggest that you don’t book it if you are coming to see the dress in person because if you book it and we start the process of making it we will not be able to cancel the booking for you. If you decide to come and view a dress and the dress is available without pre-order and you decide to do this before booking the dress online we cannot guarantee that this specific dress will be available on the day of your event if you wait as another mom may book this dress in the mean time. In order to avoid disappointment it is suggested you book the dress but then if you cancel the booking after the appointment a booking cancellation fee may apply or we will give you a gift card voucher for the amount of the rental dress so that you can use it to rent another dress. As our appointments are not charged we feel this is only fair as we offer this service so moms are happy with their rental dress choices. We reserve the right to evaluate each case on a case by case basis.
  10. If you are not in Gauteng please don’t worry we have chat support and can organise an online style recommendation appointment. We recommend at home try ons for moms out of Gauteng. Receive your dress delivered to your door, try it on as soon as you can. If you aren’t happy with the fit send us an email or chat to support on our website and we will issue you with a gift card to the value of your rental dress amount if there is not enough time to arrange for a different size to be sent to you. Alternatively, we will try our best to get you the dress in the size you need if there is enough time. We have another option that we suggest to moms outside of Gauteng. We suggest that if their budget allows they should book the dress in two sizes if they are really unsure of the sizing. We have a sizing guide and if measurements are taken the right fit will be selected. We can always help you with selecting your size if you are uncertain. If your budget allows you to book two dresses you can try on the dresses at home and wear the dress that fits. Immediately put the other dress back in the garment bag ready to be sent back. Send back both dresses on the day that your booking ends. We inspect the garments on return and we then give you a gift voucher for the value of the rental dress that was not worn and we return your refundable rental deposit for the dress that you did wear. We will try to strive for the best customer support as we want all our breastfeeding moms to find the perfect dress and feel great in the dresses we provide.
  11. We do have a sizing guide with key measurements to take into consideration. You can view the sizing guide when you click on each dress.
  12. We do realise you may not be back to your pre pregnancy size and may be in between sizes so renting a dress is the perfect solution as you don’t need to commit to buying the dress. Our recommendation to finding the perfect fit is to measure key areas and look at our sizing guide. If you don’t have access to a measuring tape another solution may be to book out two sizes and once trying them on choosing the fit you prefer. We will then issue you a gift card to the value of the rental of the dress you won’t be using for your event.
  13. When you receive your dress please do not wash or iron the dress it should be ready to wear. 
  14. Our items are cleaned with eco-friendly non toxic detergents and steamed for hygiene purposes.
  15. The day after your event place the dress into the garment bag provided and either drop off at our local drop off point or if having the dress delivered the courier company will arrive and place the garment bag into a shipping bag. 
  16. Collection on the 4th day of the rental period is organised for the same address that the dress was shipped to unless otherwise organised with us. Collection will be between 12 and 5pm. If your 4th day of your booking period falls on Saturday or Sunday it will be collected on Monday.
  17. After having the dress go through our checking process when we receive it we will arrange for your refundable rental deposit to be sent to you. Please refer to our terms and conditions for return of your deposit.