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Labour combs

Labour combs

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Our labour combs are a great tool to use for natural pain relief during birth.

Just another option for a mom to have during the birthing process and in the event that you don’t use it in the birth process it is a pretty accessory you can use everyday postpartum when you comb your hair with a powerful affirmation to reaffirm and keep at the top of mind that you have got this!

They work by acting on the gate control theory of pain. How this works is that by activating your nerves in your hand in a non painful way at the same time that you are experiencing a contraction you can block the pain signal from your contraction from reaching your brain. So by holding the comb in your hand and pressing the bristles of the comb into the palm of your hand you are sending a signal to your brain at the same time that your uterus contracting is sending a signal to your brain. There is a limited amount of information that your brain can process at the same time and this prevents the pain signal from your contraction from getting through.

This is a great natural pain relief technique that can be used in the bath/shower and water pool as it is waterproof and durable. A TENS machine works on the same principle by acting on the gate control theory of pain but it can’t be used in water.

Benefits of a labour comb:

  • Can be used in conjunction with other pain relief methods including a TENS machine, gas, intramuscular injections, epidural, hypnobirthing, birthing pool, walking, bouncing on a birth ball etc
  • A pain relief method that can be used in water
  • A pain relief method that works for early labour when you can’t get an epidural yet
  • A pain relief method that can be used if your epidural fails to work properly
  • Can be used as a tool to help keep you focused during the pushing phase 
  • Also can be used to help with afterbirth pains

EMPOWERING WORDING on the comb acting as a birth affirmation as well.

Combs can be custom made if you require* Send us an email and we’ll try to help with your custom order.


Materials: Resin, glitter, flowers, colour pigments depending on variations

Collaboration: A special collaboration with Moon Child Magic who made our vision of our labour combs come to life!



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